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Buying used snowboarding equipment can be a great alternative to buying new
gear. There are several places on the Web for finding used boards. We've listed some of the top spots below. We recommend that you to start first with the better-known sites and just be somewhat cautious when dealing with individual sellers. (Some sites, like eBay, give all of the sellers a rating, based upon what those seller's previous buyers thought of that seller.)

Lists tons of sports and sporting goods items, including snowboard equipment and other snow sports gear. eBay is by far the best site on this list. See snowboard listings at eBay today
ebay for used snowboards

One of the best places to check out. Besides all of their new snowboard equipment, Evo carries a good assortment of used and demo boards and gear.
Evo for boards and more

Gearbay specializes in being a marketplace for outdoor gear and maybe you can buy or sell your snowsports items there.

Check out our list of the best sites on the Web for buying snowboards and snowboard equipment.


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